• Every time a girlfriend asks to use my Chanel Perfection Lumière Long-Wear Foundation, I always preface it with, “This stuff is the best and you’re going to love it, but you’re also going to hate me for introducing it to you because it’s the best ever and it’s crazy expensive.”

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  • As a fashionista who tends to shy away from neons day-to-day, I embrace them when I’m at the gym. While I’m working on my fitness, I’m also working neon into my life with Brooke Burke-Charvet’s new active wear line, Caelum.

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  • Even though I’ve lived in New York since I packed up my bags and moved to the city for college at 18, I’ll always be a Baltimore girl at heart. That’s why there was no question when it came time to pick a pendant; without question I chose the MD charm instead of the NY one.

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  • Let it be known: Donatienne has forever heightened handbag standards and changed the purse game for me. Nothing will ever be the same. I can explain.

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