• In August 2013, Beyonce ignited a social media meltdown after posting a pic of her newly bleached pixie. An extreme amount of Instagrammers responded with the expected, “No!” or “Why?!” with over 45 thousand likes on her photo in under 20 minutes. The general consensus, though, was new look or not, Queen Bey could do no wrong.

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  • Much anticipation surrounded the return of Arrested Development in 2013 when producers of the much loved comedy delighted diehards by debuting a fifth season of the show on Netflix. But not all was well in the Bluth family. Portia de Rossi, who returned on the small screen to play Lindsay Bluth-Fünke, looked...different. Fans struggled to pinpoint exactly what had happened.

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  • Amanda Bynes's erratic behavior and shocking new look caused much confusion when the former child actress reappeared on the scene in 2010. It soon became clear the intense makeover was a result of some serious issues Bynes was supposedly struggling with. Fingers crossed that all is well.

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  • From Gossip Girl to grunge princess, Taylor Momsen shocked fans when she ditched her sweet Jenny Humphrey attire for rockstar leather and lace and a whole lot of jet black eyeliner. Things officially became a case of good girl gone bad when she got the boot from the show.

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