• Follow along as Aundria Jolivette shows you how to take an old pair of jeans that you’re just not ready to get rid of and make them into a pair of cute cutoff shorts. Using only a few materials, she cuts the denim evenly, distresses it, and completes the look with a little bling.

    Glam It Yourself: Denim Shorts

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  • Watch as Ally Chen from YouTube’s FashionByAlly takes you through the easy process of creating a glam-rock-inspired lip pillow. With a handful of materials and a few sequins, you can make this rad DIY accent pillow.

    Glam It Yourself: Glam-Rock Lip Pillow

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  • Learn how to make a dream catcher from start to finish with this DIY tutorial from YouTube personality Ally Chen. Requiring only a bit of beautiful embroidered fabric, a wooden ring, and a few accessories, this dream catcher is easy, adorable, and affordable.

    Glam It Yourself: Dream Catcher

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  • Make a cute accessory for your table in minutes—all you need is a candle, a vase, some rope, and a hot-glue gun. Watch as we walk you through an easy DIY tutorial to create an adorable rustic centerpiece.

    Glam It Yourself: DIY Rustic Table Decor

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  • Want to know how to make a piñata from scratch? Watch this fun step-by-step tutorial to learn how to create an adorable mini piñata that will bring your Cinco de Mayo decorations to life. All you need are a few pieces of cardboard, some tape, and tissue paper to get the party started.

    Glam It Yourself: DIY Cinco de Mayo Piñata

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  • Kelly Torrez takes you through an easy DIY home decor project to liven up that empty wall space. Start with a piece of wood, then use a printout and bit of paint to create a glamorous decorative piece that’s inexpensive and totally fun to make.

    Glam It Yourself: Stencil on Wood

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  • Upcycle an old ceramic bowl into something fresh and fun—all you need is twine or rope, a pair of scissors, and a hot-glue gun. Watch GIY-er Kelly Torrez create this fabulous rope bowl that’s easy to fashion and makes a perfect planter or centerpiece.

    Glam It Yourself: Rope Bowl

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  • Crafter Amira Mourad reveals a stylish solution for organizing everything from your to-do lists to your concert tickets: a DIY magnetic board that’s a cinch to make.

    Hang It Up: A DIY Magnetic Organizer for Your Wall

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  • With a bit of colorful felt and some glue, you can transform a simple glass jar into your favorite spring animal. Take your pick from a bunny, a lamb, or a chick, and fill it with your favorite Easter treats.

    Glam It Yourself: Three Easy Easter Jars

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  • Whether your decor is rustic, minimalist, or modern, a tree stump side table will work wonders in your space. Follow this guide by design expert Amy Devers and build your own with minimal tools and little effort in just minutes.

    Go With the Grain: DIY a Tree Stump Side Table

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